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Product Information

Argington is a modern children’s furniture company formed in 2003 in Brooklyn, New York. Each piece is crafted to have a personal feel. Argington adheres to sustainable practices to minimize environment for children. The entire line of furniture is made from renewable sources of birch wood. All materials, glues, stains and finishes are 100% non-toxic, contain no hazardous air pollution (HAP) and are low in volatile organic compounds (VOC). Argington’s organic bedding range is all-natural and uses 100% certified organic cotton.

Since 1984, Berg has been designing and producing innovative children’s furniture. Throughout the years, many designs, styles, and collections have changed but the heart behind the products remained the same. Berg understands that the environment is affecting people’s lives and a growing child will develop into a better person, if he or she is surrounded by loving people and a supportive environment. Many of Berg products are designed in light of that concept!

Bolton Furniture is a source of Youth Bedroom Furniture, Low Loft Systems, Lifestyles Furniture and Unique Wall Storage systems. Bolton’s products are manufactured utilizing Select Hardwoods and Veneers. The painted products are manufactured utilizing the same Select Hardwoods and Furniture Board.

Cilek was founded as a 100% family-owned enterprise in Turkey in 1995. Cilek designs products that cater exclusively to young children and teenagers with their divergent interests in mind. Cilek furniture and accessories are functional, of high quality and durable.

Million Dollar Baby is an American children’s furniture company with a reputation for safety and traditional style. Started in 1989, Million Dollar Baby was established as the first brand of the MDB Family and was built with an emphasis on quality and safety. They hold to these values by being directly involved with the production of their furniture and taking it upon themselves to perform their own safety and quality inspections. Their concern for those who use their furniture is what has kept them strong and guides the decisions that they make.

Casa Kidi Accessories

The decorative accessories from our in-house brand “Casa Kidi Accessories” provide the perfect solution for a quick and inexpensive makeover of your house. There is a wide range of products that you can choose from, such as night lighting, wall stickers, table organizers, etc. So hurry up, give your house a fun makeover today!

Lambs & Ivy has dedicated itself to being in tune with the evolving trends and changing tastes of new parents. The unique combination of contemporary designs with traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail will continue to distinguish the company through the next 30 years and beyond.