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  ERMS 国际峰会将于 2019 年 3 月 11-13 日在中国上海举行。ERMS 由上海 希为(ECV International)提出,集中国电商,零售变革,  数字营销峰会为一 体的大型零售业国际峰会。
  互联网下半场,应对人口红利的消失,企业需通过运用大数据、人工智能等 先进技术手段,对商品的生产、流通与销售过程进行升级改造,提升运营效率, 进 而重塑业态结构与生态圈。
  近两年,”All in”新零售蔚然成风,阿里系、腾讯系走马圈地、大刀阔斧, 企业为了保持销量的增长,势将线上数字化运营(电商)和线下门店全新体验衔 接起来,进行全渠道的深化运营,以消费者体验为中心的消费者渠道触点变得碎 片化;面对碎片化的消费场景,内容的爆发式增长,越来越高的传播及时性,企 业如何通过消费者大数据洞察,制定投放策略,精准触达每一个消费者,并实现 消费者链路的无限延伸,便成了营销战役成败至关重要的分水岭。围绕“新零售” 概念,企业需将营销与销售相结合,打造出围绕消费者的零售一体化全场景生态 圈。
  同时,企业为满足消费者在任何时间,任何地点及任何方式下的购买需求, 采用多渠道整合的方式销售产品或服务,为消费者提供无差别的购物体验,也给企业的供应链网络带来了挑战;企业需进行全渠道统一的供应网络设计,从设计到交付,实现端到端,供需和谐,弹性、敏捷、智慧的供应链;并且建立更高效, 更柔性的配送网络,才能为消费者提供更优秀的购物体验,在竞争中立于不败之 地。
  本次峰会将聚焦数字电商,智慧门店,全渠道新零售,全域营销,数据营销, 消费者互动体验,全渠道供应链,S&OP/IBP,智慧供应链与新葡京xpj88等核心话题板 块,探讨数据化零售时代,如何整合前端大数据,优化全渠道建设与数字营销, 重构后端供应链,制胜中国数据化零售市场。
  通过端到端可视化提高 供应链效率
  供应链:变革与创新的 新平台
  整合数字化规划:利用 认知自动化优化规划能 力
  如何打造B2B化工企业 的供应链可视化
  端到端整合供应链的运 作模式
  大数据赋能电商供应链 预测准确性
  如何构建以客户为中心 的新零售供应链
  中国电商与零售:重新 定义客户体验
  数字消费者全渠道购物 体验
  数字化时代,品牌商如 何通过商品和营销驱动 电商发展
  O2O全渠道CRM赋能新 零售
  无界零售-电商发展的 新机遇结构创新,电商新红利
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  联系人:Florence Zhang (Ms)
  电话:+86 21 80260707 ext 816
  lEMEA Retail 2020 Summit, 11月13-14日,迪拜
China ERMS summit 2019
  China ERMS Summit 2019 will be held on March 11th-13th in Shanghai. ERMS, as the abbr. of Ecommerce and Retail Innovation, Digital Marketing, Supply Chain & Logistics, is raised by ECV International.
  In the latter half of the Internet's development, enterprises, in response to the disappearance of the demographic dividend, should upgrade their production, distribution and sales processes through advanced technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency and reshape the business structure and ecosystem.
  In the recent two years, the trend of "All in" new retail has prevailed throughout. Both Alibaba and Tencent adopt the "enclosure strategy" to expand their market share in a drastic way. In order to maintain sales growth, enterprises certainly will create a merger of online digital operations (e-commerce) and new experience in offline stores to conduct in-depth omni-channnel operations where the touch points of consumers' channels centering on consumption experience have become fragmented. In the face of fragmented consumption scenarios, the explosive growth of content and increasingly greater timeliness of communication, the key to win the marketing battle lies in the way enterprises rely on their insights into big data to develop delivery strategies that precisely targeting every consumer, and to achieve the infinite extension of the consumer link. Focusing on the concept of “New Retail”, enterprises need to combine marketing and sales to create a full-scale ecosystem of retail integration with consumers in the Centre.
  Meanwhile, it entails a challenge for supply chains of enterprises to sell goods or services through multi-channel integration and provide consumers with undifferentiated shopping experience so that they can meet the buying demands of consumers at any time, any place, and in any way. Enterprises need to implement a unified design of supply chain network and achieve from design to delivery a flexible, agile and intelligent supply chain featuring supply-demand balance. Also, enterprises need to build a more efficient and flexible distribution network to provide consumers with better shopping experience so that the enterprises can remain invincible in the competition.
  The summit will focus on digital e-commerce, smart stores, omni-channel new retail, Uni marketing, data marketing, consumer interactive experience, omni-channel supply chain, S&OP/IBP, smart supply chain and logistics, etc. to discuss how to win in China's data-driven retail market through integrating front-end big data, optimizing omni-channel construction and digital marketing, restructuring back-end supply chain.
  The summit will focus on the hot topics as below
  Data-driven Digital Supply Chain Network
  Improving Supply Chain Efficiency through End to End Visualization
  Supply Chain: A New Platform for Change and Innovation
  E2E Integrated SC Operating Model
  Improving the Forecast Accuracy with Data in Ecommerce Supply Chain
  How to Build New Retailing Supply Chain with Customer Centricity
  The Challenges and Opportunities of Supply Chain in Omni-channel Retail Era
  China E-commerce and Retail:
  Integrated Digital Planning: Using Cognitive Automation for Advanced Planning Capabilities
  How to Build Supply Chain Visibility in B2B Chemicals
  Technology Redefining the Retail Redefined Customer Experience
  Omni-channel shopping experience for digital consumers
  In the digital age, how should brands differentiate merchandise & marketing to drive Ecommerce?
  O2O CRM Empowers New Retail
  Unbounded Retail--the New Opportunities for the Ecommerce
  Structural Innovation, New Dividends of E-commerce
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  Contact Us:Florence Zhang (Ms)
  Tel:+86 21 80260707 ext 816
  Email Address:florencez@ecvinternational.com 
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